Become a member

The Culinary Travel Society is an exclusive members only organization, consisting of people with similar goals and aspirations in life. You’ll be part of more than just a society, membership at the CTS opens the door to a vibrant community with new experiences that revolve around traveling the world in search of the ultimate culinary experience. You’ll discover new ways to enjoy all the culinary pleasures the world has to offer.

Prospective applicants must be of good moral character, integrity, and leadership, and possess a good reputation within their business, profession, occupation, and/or community. As a member you are expected to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance goodwill.

The CTS chooses its members diligently as it requires time and financial commitments. Member applicants need a sponsor who is an active member and of good standing within the CTS. While sponsorship may be obtained by an applicant in order to become a legitimate member, sponsorship is no guarantee of membership. Acceptance of membership is still subject to the approval of the majority of the society’s board of directors.

For more information about membership possibilities, please contact us.

Approval and review by the board of directors is part of the admission process.